Masters time of year

Since my last blog it has been a busy schedule playing 7 of the last 9 weeks, boy I need some downtime as the next run of big tournaments kicks off soon.

Puerto Rico Open

After the poor play in the Middle East, I decided to enter this week and not wait until the Arnold Palmer to find some form. A T35 was not what I was looking for but started to make a few putts using a @toulondesign and which helped build up my confidence. It really is a beautiful setting with the beach close by and the wonderful sun sets. I am only mid 40’s but had a senior moment forgetting my sponsor’s visors for the week and had some nervous time getting them there halfway through the tournament!

Arnold Palmer Invitational

Before the event spent more time on the putting green testing putters. Tough conditions most of the week and it was a real grind, always a great feeling to be playing this event and be able to respect what Mr. Palmer did for our sport. Take a look at this picture of a young Luke with the king. Again, nothing special with a T26 but two steady weeks in a row and was looking forward to the Players where I generally play well.

The Players Championship

On a fun note, had a great time driving the @maybachluxury beginning of the week and had to have a quite word with James as you can see below, but how you could not want to drive this beauty.

So disappointed with my performance, felt really good after the last 2 weeks and a first rd. 77 destroyed my week. Afterwards sat at a table with @rorymcilory @henrikstenson @tyrrellhatton with a combined score of +29, what a bunch of muppets! I posted a video that went viral with over 1.2 million views. Sometimes we just must own up to these bad days. A 2nd round of 71 and that was my week done, on the bright side spent a wonderful few days with the family on the beach.

Honda Classic

The hits keep on coming! Another missed cut with a 4 putt on the 12th in the first rd. contributed to the result. The annoying thing is I am swinging well, just need to get out of my own way. @footjoy launched their #FJPremierseries this week, there are some great styles to choose from and with the ‘my joy’s offer you can create something special. Back to grinding on the range.

@lukepoults24 had a good week @thesergiogarcia foundation event hosted by @ajgagolf with a T6. Making good progress.

Dell World Match Play Golf Championship

After the last 2 weeks, had to dig deep and looking at my group it was a challenge. Well after winning all 3 matches and progressing to the quarter finals I hit a brick wall in @scottie.scheffler. I keep getting asked the same question ‘what is it about match play that fires you up’ I really wish I knew the answer……. it is just something in my DNA that whatever reason I cannot find the same feeling in stroke play. Ok do not get me wrong, I have won enough tournaments to feel and know what pressure is, if only I could bottle that adrenaline rush from match play! I put in play this week @scottycameron T-11 which worked nicely.

The Masters

On the run up to the @themasters received some limited editions @footjoy and of course as it's master’s week I have to indulge my passion for fashion by creating special outfits! I also had some fun on the 1st of April posting a video.

The family came for master’s week and we even took the dogs!

It was great to have some patron’s back on the property, Joshua was excited to meet his hero @dudeperfect.

On the Wednesday we had some fun with @terrymundy66 on the 16th trying to skip it across the pond, look at the pictures for the results, hilarious! and the jokes continued with @henrikstenson……… there would have been no stock left!

Opened with a 74 & 73, golden bell 12th came back to bite me once again but great to make the weekend. A level rd. 72 on Saturday did not get me anywhere but got off to a fast start on Sunday and had it going till a couple of late bogeys dropped me out of the top 20. Not a great week but it’s always a privilege to have been invited and I need to work hard to be back again next year.

We launched some master’s gear on www.ianpoultershop.com during the week, the hoodies went very quickly. Really sorry about not being able to ship to the European Union, this is something we need to investigate for the future.

RBC Heritage

One of my favourite stops on tour, I love courses that require shot making and I have a good track record here. Opened with a 2 under and really got it going in the 2nd rd. 6 under after 11 but a few sloppy bogies on the home stretch which trust me this course can offer up in a heartbeat and had to settle for 3 under. Saturday started nicely and then the wheels just came off, maybe the run of events started catching up with me but just lose my feel. 3 birdies in the last 4 holes salvaged a 2 over which could have been a lot worse. Closed with a one under for a T48 and yes, I got caught on camera watching my phone on the front nine, hey it's F1 and just doing what people do whilst working, checking up on their favourite sport!

I need a break for sure, 2 majors coming up in the next 6 weeks so lots of Fed-ex points to play for and get back into the top 50, currently sitting at 63rd. I am writing this whilst catching up on office work and signing off these new hats to upload in a few weeks’ time in the shop and excited about welcoming Ryder to the family, it’s nice to put things in perspective, life is not just golf.

Until next time